One-on-One Coaching


Get Ready to have an Epiphany

about your Money

At Financial Wellness Coaching, we help our clients take the stress out of money and transform their lives by analyzing how they spend and save money. 



The Epiphany Session is a transformational one-on-one coaching session.  During this personalized meeting, you will jump start your financial journey as you work through setting a budget and defining your big life goals. 

 Benefits of the Epiphany Session

  • Organize your expenses so there’s no more surprises
  • Create quick and easy strategies for managing money
  • Design a savings strategy that leaves you feeling secure
  • Tackle your debt and design a debt payoff strategy
  • Gain control of your money.  Stop “winging it” and create a plan.
  • Learn the steps needed to achieve financial clarity and confidence
  • Identify key challenges and priorities
  • Discover strengths and solutions‚Äč



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